a dance

2 min readDec 25, 2022


reflections on storms — rain and other kinds

Thank you, Jorge Salvador, for this image.

a wisp of a cloud moves
the direction unknown
undeciphered in the knowing
a life appears

the same stay the changing and the changing stay the same
to unmask the difference we try
and succumb to our ends we do

I know not my forebears’ conclusions
about what is true and what is not
all I know are my thoughts

by the bonfire we sit
and I wonder
what about the tomorrow I saw

unpromised are our breaths
but known is our love
unending in its pursuit to the shore
but lost it is in the fore

I look to my grandmother to ask
for her hand in guidance of my telling
does she know I am here?
does she see my path unfolding

to the bones I ask the deepest questions
but they respond with a hollow ringing
echoing eons of errors in trial
down to the last molecule of me

to the rivers I ask
my place in its domains
on they flow
unnerved by my questions
unfettered by my presence

the city streets are warm
with a knowing glow of the dwellers’ moves
the dances they do

not a beat missed
we return to where we started

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